Motion Graphics
This is my BTEC assigned project to create an ident that would suit e4 or my own target audience for my own brand. I made an ident for both e4 and myself using different animation types to experiment. Intrigued in the many different animations After Effects has to offer, I decided to experiment with creating something from scratch and another by using my own imagery to make something absolutely different with the help of many tutorials of course. Here's the end result...
I do not claim ownership of the E4 logo design or music used within this animation. Everything else is wholly done by myself. This video has been created purely for recreational and educational purposes. All rights and ownership remain with the E4 company and label.
Made by Aliyah Otchere
Song is Julia by Jungle
This is a personal ident created via After Effects, everything is done, shot by myself. It's a rough mock up to reflect my skills in After Effects and Photoshop. This video has been created for learning purposes. All rights and ownership remain with Aliyah Otchere (myself)
Photography & Animation by Aliyah Otchere
Song is YSL by VCF
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